Residential Home Buying - Selling Guide

A few years have probably passed since you have been through the process of buying and selling a home. The ups and downs you experienced when buying your present home may have faded; creating a vague memory of the joys of a new home colored by the aggravation of moving. However, if you think back carefully you will remember that buying and selling a home is a long, multi-phased process; full of detail, negotiation, and compromise.

Gladys Manion agents are experts in navigating the home buying and selling process. With an average of 10+ years’ experience, you can rely on us to educate and guide you along the way. We specialize in buying and selling homes in Clayton, Ladue, University City, Brentwood, Frontenac, Town and Country, Webster Groves, the Central West End, Country Life Acres and Metro St. Louis.

To help prepare you, Stafford Manion has written the Consumer’s Guide to Buying/Selling Homes in the St. Louis Metro area.